Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, D.!

Just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to my sweet husband, D. He is a year older than me, and we are officially in our mid-thirties. Of course he's a little further in than me, but that's ok, just an extra year of wisdom. I have probably told y'all that D. and I got set up on a blind date by his sister Amy, a fact that I never forget to remind her of. D. and I are so different. He's quiet, I'm loud. He's rational and logical, I'm emotional and flighty at times. He's calm, I'm not so calm. But I still believe God meant for us to be together because he balances me and I think I do the same for him. He reigns me in at times and I pull him out. Everyone thinks he is so serious, but he makes me laugh daily. There isn't anything in the world he won't do for me. He takes such good care of me and Aubrey and Mallory. He has been an even better Dad than I thought he would be. And though we are almost complete opposites, we fit together. Happy Birthday, sweet D. I hope we have many, many more years of your birthdays together! Love you!

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