Friday, March 29, 2013

Music Monday - Good Friday edition

Last night we had a Maundy Thursday service at church. It was beautiful and amazing.  It is usually my favorite service of the year, next to Easter.  We spent time remembering the last hours of Jesus' life.  We  shared Communion together remembering how Jesus shared it with his disciples.  I loved everything about the service.  

And while it is so important to remember what Jesus did for us, like our pastor reminded us last night, the story isn't over.  It is hanging undone, like a dissonant chord in music.  It needs to be resolved.  And it will.  On Sunday.  We know it's coming.  The people alive with Jesus didn't, and what agony and sadness they must have felt.  I think it's easier for us to understand his death because we know He rose again.  But if we had lived with Him, Good Friday wouldn't have been good at all.

This song has been a favorite of mine for a while.  I love it any time of the year, as it speaks to our "Fridays" in life, but it is really perfect for today.  

It's Friday, but Sunday is coming!  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weekly Reads

I am almost finished with this book.  It is a book I wish I could have read several years ago in the midst of mothering an infant and a toddler.  Sarah Mae's honesty about real life as a mom combined with Sally's wisdom, reassurance and encouragement make this book such a perfect resource for moms of all ages and stages in their journey of motherhood.  Sarah Mae often talks in the book about "leaning in to Jesus".  Isn't that such a picture?  It has stuck with me so much this past week.  So often we hear "lean on Jesus", but leaning in to Jesus is much more comforting to me.  Kind of like snuggling.  Snuggle up to Him.  Let Him reassure and give you strength.  Although my children are not toddlers or infants any more, this book has given me more food for thought and encouragement to keep going in my journey as a mom trying to be intentional in my parenting and my relationships with my children.  Mothering is an eternal job that we may not see the complete end of the story to until we are in heaven.

Desperate has also reminded me to take practical and physical steps to ensure this journey goes as smoothly and effectively as possible. Mothering isn't solely spiritual, and if our physical bodies and environments are working against us, it only makes it harder on us.  I also am encouraged to help other moms, with real help, not just emotional and spiritual support.  It also makes me wish that older women and grandmothers would read this book and realize what a role they could have in mentoring and supporting younger mothers.  My heart really lies in helping other moms and encouraging each other during this journey.  It is hard and we need each other.  I intend to pass this book on several times as a start in this effort.

I also read this week: 

Both of these are quick, can't put them down, page turners.  I love suspense, and these books don't disappoint.  

I am most excited to start reading The Passionate Mom by Susan Merrill.  I was chosen to be a part of the advance team for this book.  I just downloaded it and can't wait to get into it tonight.  This book talks about how to use our passion as a mom to be the very best mom we can be.  I will be blogging about it and helping in giveaways I am sure with this so keep coming back!