Monday, June 7, 2010

Sssssummer's here!

We are having such a good time already this summer. Only one week in, and we have had so much fun! I haven't really looked forward to summer like I have this year. I think it's because this was Aubrey's first year of real school, so we really did need a break. I saw this Summer List idea here at Meg's blog. I thought it would be such a neat thing to have things to look forward to, keep us on track, and help me be more intentional about doing things this summer. Aubrey and I mostly made the list with some input from D. We also left a little space in case something comes up. We have already been able to check some things off our list. (which always feels good to me) I am going to take pics of all we have done, as well as save tickets, receipts, etc. Then I will make a small scrapbook of our summer list. Something very small - probably a photo book with a little journalling and embellishments.

We are also working on responsibility with Aubrey this summer, so he has his own chart. We are learning a Bible verse a week together as a family, so that is on his chart. (I'm also going to make a book of all of our verses so we can review them.) He is also reading 50 minutes a week, doing some homework that I put together for him, and learning 5 new words a week. I really didn't want him to lose any learning this summer. We're being light about it, not stressing, just keeping our brains working. He is also learning how to make his bed, in charge of feeding Piper and other small chores. I am letting go of some things even though it is hard for me to let him do things because he doesn't do them exactly like I would. He needs it though. I probably do too.

Anyway, that is what is going on here right now! I feel such a feeling of relief now that summer is here. I didn't realize I needed it so much. And, I had to throw in this pic of the snake I made for my nephew Les. I finished it months ago, but never posted a pic. He loves it. And it was fun to make. Have a great week!

Friday, June 4, 2010

moving upward and onward

Many of you know how much I absolutely love our local elementary school. I taught there for 2 years before I had Aubrey, and I loved it then. I love it even more now. Public school isn't perfect. There is too much to do, with too little funds, too little parent involvement and a host of other ills. However, I found during my 7 years of teaching that almost every teacher I taught with loved his/her students and was teaching because they loved kids and wanted to make a difference.
Last summer I prayed a lot. I prayed for Aubrey's teacher, Mrs. Costley, who I didn't even know about. I prayed for Aubrey's classmates. I prayed for Aubrey's safety, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I prayed for all involved in his first year of school. I couldn't even think about it without tearing up. As a former kindergarten teacher I know how important the first year of school is. I had all kinds of people giving me their opinions on where to send him, what to say, what to do, what not to do, etc. I even had a friend tell me she would be praying that I would change my mind about sending Aubrey to our local elementary school. That hurt, and actually it made me mad. As his mom, I would never do anything to put him in a position I thought would be detrimental to him in any way. So I prayed and prayed and prayed. God heard my prayers. He knew the desires of my heart and how tender I was about this journey. He couldn't have been more perfect.
Aubrey's kindergarten year has exceeded anything I wanted or hoped for him. His teacher was so wonderful for him. She cared for him in such a special way. I know she does it for all of her students because she let me come in once a week to do an art project with the kids. This was such a sweet time for me. I got to know all the children Aubrey talked about. I got to see how he interacted with his teacher and class. I felt like I wasn't just dropping him off at school, but a part of what he was doing. Mrs. Costley was so cautious about Aubrey's food allergies it made me feel secure. She called me to check on him when he was sick (which he was - a lot) and called me any time someone brought in food she wasn't sure if he could eat. Aubrey didn't come home asking me about horrible words, movies, tv shows, etc. I know that will come, but I had heard horror stories about it happening in kindergarten. His class was one of the sweetest classes I have ever been around. They liked each other. They were kind to each other. No behavior problems. No kid I didn't want to rub off on Aubrey. It was truly amazing, and I believe it was partly due to prayer.

Aubrey has matured a good bit this year. At kindergarted graduation he received the Explorer Buddy Award for being kind and friendly to others. The kind of award I hope he always receives. He learned a lot this year, both academically and emotionally. I am so thankful for Mrs. Costley, our administration and our entire school. It is a blessing in our life. I am sad to be moving on and up, but it is a fact of life. Now I'm just a little more secure in this change, and I know Aubrey is too.