Monday, April 2, 2012

Color Run Atlanta!

Weeks ago I was visiting Stacy Julian's blog and she was saying how fun she thought this race called the Color Run would be to do.  I have been running - ish for a while now so I thought I would check it out.  I found out that the Color Run was coming to Atlanta and I got an idea.  I sent an email to my running girlfriends and asked if they would like to do the run and make a girls' weekend out of it.  They all thought that was a great idea, and a plan was formed.  

This past Friday 3 of my sweet friends, Kimberly, Mary Kathryn and Heather, and I went to Atlanta.  We had a fabulous night out on Friday, eating, window shopping, and laughing together.  We got to stay at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, which was a very difficult thing for the 2 UGA graduates in our group to do.  This of course delighted me to no end. ;)

Saturday morning was warm and overcast, perfect for our race.  We walked to Piedmont Park and couldn't believe our eyes.  There was a sea of white shirts as far as we could see.  That was part of the race - you start out in a white shirt and they cover you with color throughout the race so you are a rainbow piece of art by the time you are finished.  The race organizers said it was the biggest race they had had so far.  There were approximately 10,000 people there.  The race did not disappoint.  We had so much fun getting blasted with color.  By the end of the race and celebration, there was really not a part of our bodies that wasn't covered in color.  We loved it.  

Having sweet friends to laugh and have fun with is definitely one of God's best blessings in life.  

Music Monday

This week's Music Monday song is one of my very favorite hymns.  I love hearing it at any time, but it is especially poignant and meaningful this Easter week.  Sometimes I think we focus so much on the Resurrection that we forget the agony and anguish Jesus went through in the crucifixion.  This version is done by the Choir of King's College in Great Britain.  I hope the words and tune remind us all this week of what our Lord went through to save us all from sin.