Friday, May 14, 2010

Night Out

I have always loved music. In first grade I wrote that I wanted to be a piano teacher when I grew up. Then I began singing and still took piano lessons, but decided to become an opera singer. I went to college, did an opera, found out more about an opera singer's career path and decided it wasn't for me. However, I still love to sing and I just love music. I honestly can't imagine my life without it! I had listened to country music some, but after I met D., my musical horizons were greatly widened. D. loves country, most notably old country music. (like before we were born country music) I have developed a love for country, but still don't love the old stuff. One of my very favorite singers ever is Martina McBride. She is a classy lady who can just flat out sing. D. and I had seen her before in concert, but we went to see her again the weekend before last with our friends Terry and Libby. Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton opened for her and they were so much fun to watch as well, but Martina was the big star.

When we got to the concert D. was looking around and said, "They are going to fly someone over the audience tonight." We said, "How do you know?" He showed us a beam overhead that had no other reason to be there. Well, Luke and Blake sang and nothing. Martina came out and nothing. There was also a round stage in the middle of the floor right in front of us and we thought someone would use it, but nothing happened. Then, Martina said, "I'd like y'all to listen to my fiddle player." and the arena went dark except for a spotlight on the fiddle player. I saw people moving down towards the round stage and I thought, "She's going to be there!" So, I grabbed Libby and said, "Come on, we've got to go down there!" We ran down to the stage, but started feeling dumb when Martina came back out on the front stage. She was sitting on a crescent moon. We about passed out when the moon started to rise with her on it, and we saw that it was headed our way. We were so, so excited. D. was right, and we were going to be close enough to touch her. She flew across the arena on the moon and landed in front of us. It was so neat, and we laughed and laughed as we took our pictures in front of her. We could see her cool jewelry and black fingernail polish. She left after a few songs, but it ranks up there in my fave concert happenings. Of course after the concert we were equally as excited to see her up close as well. All in all, a super fun night out for this homebody.


Between You and Me said...

so much fun.....I love a great concert!

Kim said...

I love Martina McBride, sounds like a fun night! The picture of you and Libby with the Martina cut-out is too funny!

*I bet D. didn't have to ask the person next to you to move when they "lit-up" like Jay did at Tom Petty!