Monday, January 21, 2013

Music Monday - Mama Prays

This week's song is a favorite of mine for several reasons.  One, now that I'm a mom, I know how much I pray for my children.  I can't imagine being a parent and not being able to pray for my children, knowing that our Heavenly Father loves my children even more than I do!  It gives me such peace to know this.

Second, and maybe why this song means so much to me, is that my parents were and are such amazing prayers.  We prayed for everything growing up.  Any time we got hurt the first thing my parents did was pray and ask for relief of pain and peace for our spirit.  Any time we saw an ambulance or fire truck or an accident while driving their first response was to pray right then and there.  Every night before bed of course we said prayers, but my mom and dad would also come in after we went to sleep and kneel and pray over us.  And every morning, without fail, when I would wake up, my parents would be in our living room, having their quiet time and praying.  As I grew and went to college, I could call them any time and ask them to pray for me.  Even over the phone lines their prayers calmed my spirit and encouraged me in whatever I was going through.  Even now, as grandparents, their prayers are so special to me as I know they are praying for my children and the strength of our family.  It is a blessing that I hope to pass on to my children, which brings me back to this song.

I have long loved Chris Rice's music.  He sings Christian worship songs, but he also sings great kids music.  I hear him on The Message on Sirius/XM radio and on Kids Place Live.  It is so neat. One of his songs that all of us love is The Cartoon Song.  It is a fun song that reminds us all to praise or the cartoons will have to.  His imitations of the cartoons are fabulous.

This song is a generational song about how his parents used to pray for him, and now he and his parents pray for his family.  These lyrics:  "Mama prayed and Jesus stood beside us, Daddy prayed and the devil had to run" What a mental picture!  I hope someday my children can appreciate this in the same way I do.

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