Thursday, June 30, 2011


I was having dinner last night with my 3 blog readers and they all got onto me for not posting for so long. I often think of things to blog about, but my time gets away from me and it doesn't get done. But, I did want to post pics of the two birthday parties we have had here at our house in the past two months since I've posted. (that's kind of embarrassing!) There is too much to talk about with both of them, but today I will start with Aubrey's party.

Aubrey turned seven in May. I still can hardly believe he is seven since I just brought him home from the hospital a few months ago it seems. He is into all things boy, but mostly he loves Legos and Nerf guns. We had a Lego party last year, and he wanted a Nerf gun party this year. I first thought I would just have all the boys bring their own gun, but then my sister showed us a homemade blow dart gun her son got as a party favor from a party he went to. My wheels started turning as to how we could use these at our party. I knew I would use the guns, but needed a way the boys could use them without darts laying all around our yard. So, the felt vest was born. I took regular sized felt and made a vest (front and back) with duct tape. I wish I would have taken a picture while I was making them, but I don't usually think of those things. The dart guns were made with small circumference pvc pipe cut to about 2 feet. I used colored electrical tape to add design and color to each of them so the boys would know their's just from the color. We did also write their name on them. I bought several packs of the velcro Nerf darts. Each boy got a small tin bucket with their name on it to carry their darts in. Then they each got a vest. They divided up into teams and played dart tag for a very long time. They each got to take their gun, darts and vest home as a favor. They loved it.

My sister's neighbor is a baker who makes fabulously decorated cakes. I sent her a picture of one of Aubrey's guns and she made an exact replica. It was so cool, and Aubrey loved it! Aubrey had been to a spend the night party a few weeks before his party, so he decided he wanted one too. The good thing about the dart tag was that most of the boys were worn out and quickly went to sleep.

My quantifier for parties is that they are what my kids want. Not what I want, or what is popular on the web, or what will look cute in pictures. This party was it. Aubrey was so pleased with his party. It was exactly what he wanted, so it was a success!


Heather NeSmith said...

Super cute birthday party for your guy - I love it! Dinner was fun last night :)

Garretts said...

ahem...i am definitely one of your bloggers and i don't recall having dinner with you this week! ha ha!

hope you're back for good!

i love that last part you put in there. especially that jack is getting older and will start having more opinions about what kind of party he wants rather than just a general theme. so, i need to remember that the party should be what HE wants not what I think will look the cutest.

The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

Fun birthday party!