Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Day!

Today's post isn't about me or my kids. It's about another member of our family. Today, January 12th, is my nephew Jay's 5th birthday! You know the Southern saying, "I could eat him up!"? That's how I feel about Jay. He belongs to my sister Leah and her husband Chris. Jay and Mallory are 6 months apart, so it has been fun to have him and Les grow along with my kiddos. Even though he and Mallory are close in age, he adores Aubrey. Now that their family lives close, we try to take full advantage and see them as much as possible. All of the kids love it!

Jay is one of the funniest kids I have ever known. He says the funniest things and does the funniest things. He tells his mom, "Mom, you're the best mom, but I love Aunt Sarah the best." I mean, who wouldn't love a kid like that? Jay also loves his brother and cousins to pieces. Someone recently hurt his brother Les and as Jay was going to bed that night he told Leah, "The next time I see that boy I am going to punch him in the stomach!" Of course Leah told him that was not ok, and although she loved how he loves Les he can't punch people. I just thought that was so sweet. Then this week before we were going to meet for Jay's birthday dinner at ChickfilA (our favorite meeting spot) Jay wrapped a few Lincoln Logs up for Aubrey in tin foil and tape "because I love my cousin so much, Mom". What a sweetie!

He is such an active boy. He goes 100% in everything he does. Smart as a whip, always asking questions and wondering about things. Wheels always turning. Honest to a fault (he never lies when in trouble, often getting him in more trouble!) Rough and tumble just as a boy should be.

All this to say, our lives are so blessed to have Jay or "Birdie" as he is called much of the time (Jay"bird") in them, so I wanted him to know how much his Aunt Sarah, Uncle D., Aubrey and Mallory love him. Happiest birthday to you, Jay! You are so special and wonderful to all of us! We love you and pray God's richest blessings on you as you grow!

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