Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tomorrow! Imagine me singing (a lot!)

I can't even imagine how Noah's wife got through the flood on the ark surrounded with her kids and all those animals. I was inside all day yesterday with 2 children and a dog and I thought I was going to lose it! Seriously, I know there are people who have gone through much, much worse, and I'm sure I could, but it wouldn't be nice. We have been getting the remnants of Hurricane Fay and it literally rained all day and all night. I love it because we need it so bad, but our dog didn't know what to do with herself yesterday because she couldn't go outside. She found things to do like jumping up and eating Aubrey's scrambled eggs and tearing up feminine products. So, although it's going to be cloudy again today, you can imagine me singing, "Tomorrow, tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow! You're only a day away!"

The rain does seem to be bringing the wildlife out though. The night before last D. brought a turtle home for Aubrey. Aubrey absolutely loved it. The turtle has burrowed into the pine straw in front of our house and settled in. Also that night brought us a herd of deer. D. couldn't believe it, but there were 3 bucks in the herd. So, here's a pic of the only one I could catch before Aubrey's tapping on the window scared them off.

Here's my best Hank Williams Jr. imitation (just imagine me singing again) "Are you ready for some football?" (I am pretty good at that song by the way) College football starts tomorrow night! Woo hoo! All the prognosticating (good word) and smack talking that has been going on (especially with the crazy Georgia fans) will soon be put to the test. To say I'm excited would probably be an understatement. I posted this pick to get you fired up too. I knew all of you would love to see a pic of Tim Tebow. Who wouldn't? Georgia Tech plays tomorrow night, but it's not on tv. Florida plays Hawaii on Saturday at 12:30 in the Swamp (with a brand new qb, poor guy!) Anyway, D. thinks I'm a little loony for getting so excited, but it's just my thing. I hope all of your teams win, unless you're a Georgia fan!

We're going to the lake this weekend for one last fling before Aubrey starts pre-school next week, but I'll post after we get back. Have a great, safe weekend and Go Jackets and Go Gators!


Sarah said...


Kim said...

First - Don't let Allyson board your turtle!
Second - Why do you have to be such a "hater"? We'll see who is laughing November 1st! Do you know how hard it was for me to make that bow for Mallory?

Garretts said...

i totally agree Kim. i'm usually fine with all my friends' teams winning unless we're playing head to head, but have to go and diss on the dawgs. might want to avoid my blog next week...i'm sure i'll have posted plenty of pictures from our trip to Athens this weekend! :)
enjoy the lake!

Sarah said...

You are proving my point about Dawg fans! Already talking smack about our game!

Kim said...

I love the new header!