Friday, August 8, 2008

Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue, and one God is teaching me the hard way mostly. I am patient in some areas of my life like my children, but less patient in others like when I want to eat or small details like that. When we moved into our house 4 years ago, the yard looked terrible. The house hadn't been lived in for awhile, so the landscaping needed some work. The first year nothing much got done because I had a brand new baby, but slowly I tried to do a few things. Three years ago D. and I killed the grass in front of our house and planned to lay sod. Well, as the best of intentions go, the sod never got laid, but the grass did die. So, for the last few years we have had a wonderful lawn of weeds in front of our house. We kept them nice and neat, trimmed and trained, but it just made me crazy. We also had several bushes that I hated, but just dealt with. I mean, I know in the grand scheme of things landscaping is such a minor detail of life, but since the home is my domain, it really bugged me. Well, Sunday I told D. that I was going to trim up some bushes and just work out in our yard (if you could call it that) and he said, "I think I'll bring the track hoe and the skid steer and we'll take out the dirt and lay some sod." I just about fell over in the pew. (we were at church - the Lord was definitely moving) When we got home I got moving fast. And D. was true to his word. We worked all day Sunday and all day and got sod laid and new bushes and plants put in. I don't think I can explain how excited I have been. Some of you make look at our yard and not get what all the fuss is about, but I can tell you that it is tons better than it was. I absolutely love it! I have grass! Not the kind you smoke that makes some people happy, but the kind you water and cut! So, the Lord definitely reminded me that if we are patient, he will bring things to us in his time.

On another line of patience, Mallory has started crawling! She finally got the hang of moving forward instead of backward. It's so cute, and she is so proud of herself. I had forgotten how much that changes things, but I love it.

This picture of Aubrey was last night. He loves to read Bible stories before bed. Something that has touched my heart so much. He is soaking them up and learning the stories. He gets so excited about the ones coming next. Last night I went to check on him before I went to sleep and found him like this. He had fallen asleep reading his Bible ( I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not) and was still holding it and snoring. It was so sweet I had to get my camera.
Also, don't forget that the Olympics start tonight! I am so excited. I love the Olympics! The last summer Olympics were right after I had Aubrey, so when I was up late at night with him I got to watch lots of them. I hope to get to do the same this time around. Go USA!


Kim said...

I love the yard, and Jay will be SO happy to know that the grass is not the kind you smoke!
I can't wait for the olympics either...GO PHELPS!

Jill (aka jjstar) said...

So happy for you and your grass!!

That picture of Aubrey is adorable. A true treasure!!

Garretts said...

Looks great. Look forward to seeing it in person tomorrow. Congrats on getting the yard done. Josh has been working on trying to get our grass to grow (in the middle of a drought) for over a year now. It looks a lot better, but he's still discouraged...I tell him "baby steps"

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you that I loved the grass. You did a great job...especially in just one day! Love, Nancy