Monday, April 1, 2013

Music Monday - Alive

Yesterday was a wonderful Easter day.  Our worship was great, the time with family was great and even the food was great.  But, none of that can even compare to the reason we were celebrating.  Our Lord and Savior is alive.  Not just on Easter, but every day!

This song touches me so much.  It is from The Story, a musical experience of the Bible.  This song is sung by Natalie Grant, and is from the viewpoint of Mary Magdalene.  It wasn't until recently that I understood what a big deal it was that Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene after the resurrection.  Mary was obviously a woman, which in that day meant she held no importance.  Women were second class citizens, and their testimony wasn't even allowed in a court of law.  They weren't seen in public very much, and they could not divorce their husbands.  Jesus, however, esteemed women.  He valued them.  Time and time again he spoke to them and about them lovingly.  He forgave them and acknowledged them.  So when he appeared to Mary first at the tomb, it was an important detail that is often overlooked.  He valued Mary Magdalene, a woman he delivered from seven demons, so very much, that he appeared to her before any of his disciples.  So to listen to this song about how Mary knew how much Jesus loved her even though he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is overwhelming.

When I began practicing the song, I had to take a few times and just get choked up and teary as I was singing.  I prayed that wouldn't happen to me while I was in church, but that everyone would hear through me the amazing story of Jesus' love for all of us.
I didn't cry and I hope that they got His message through me.  

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