Thursday, December 13, 2012

A little kindness

I am in the middle of the Advent Study from Good Morning Girls and one of the things that we have been encouraging each other in is doing random acts of kindness.  I also read Courtney's blog and follow her on twitter and she has this event called Light Em Up.  It is a way for our families to light up our world(s) during the Christmas season.  It has some very fun ideas, and though our family is not going all out with it, we are doing some of the activities and talking through some of the idea behind it. My kids love to pay for the people behind us in drive thrus.  I think it feels sneaky and it is cool for them to think about.  So that is one thing we have done.  

Today however, I was on the receving end of a bit of kindness.  It was a small thing.  The person giving this kindness probably thought nothing of it, but it made my day.  I had my carpets professionally cleaned today (Hallelujah!) and one of the men who was cleaning them came over to me as they were finishing and said, "I just want to tell you how I love all the scripture throughout your house.  I really appreciate the respect you have for it."  Well, I almost started crying.  You know, as a mom, sometimes it seems like I am floating upstream without a paddle.  And that man just reinforced that what I'm trying to do matters.  Those words of Jesus will sink in, and my children will appreciate it and love it.  I still remember the scripture verse that was on the wall of my childhood bathroom for years and years because I saw it so much.  So anyway, I just wanted to share that a quick word of encouragement could be just what someone needed.  Say it.  Do it.  Don't be afraid.  


Lil Light O Mine said...

This is awesome!!! So encouraging. Thank you!

Lil Light O Mine said...

so awesome! so encouraging. thanks so much.