Monday, January 9, 2012

M stands for...

It has been my semi-traditional tradition to have Music Mondays. However, this Monday,
M stands for "MOUSE". I'm not talking about the cute black ears from the magical place down south. No, I am talking about the destructive little bundles of fur that get into your house and make you crazy. Well maybe they don't make you crazy, but they are making me cr
azy. (see picture to the right) About a month ago we realized we had a mouse under our stove. (our
stove vent goes under our floor to the outside b/c our stove is in the middle of my counter) I cleaned everything out, and by everything I mean everything - all my mixing bowls, my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, all my kids' placemats, my toaster (last time I threw it out) and a few other things. I cleaned like nobody's business because I was so grossed out and we put a mousetrap under there. We never saw anything under there again that would make us think the mouse was back. Until. Last. Night.

D. had gotten a huge bag of peanuts from Sam's. It was so big it wouldn't fit on my pantry shelves. So, we put it under the stove. I know you are probably thinking, "What? Under the stove?" And in hindsight it wasn't a good idea. But it was ok for awhile. D. had some peanuts last Thursday and all was well. Last night he got the peanut bag out and peanuts started falling out. D. said, "I think the mouse is back." We looked into the cabinet and peanuts, peanut dust and mouse droppings were everywhere! Aaaahhhh!!!!!!

So today I am cleaning. Again. And I got some even heavier duty mousetraps. I am praying they do the trick. And yeah, we won't be putting peanuts down there ever again. So this is the segway to my Music Monday post. This song, "One of Those Days" by Joy Williams has become a favorite of mine. We have all had them. This one makes them sound almost fun. I am definitely not crazy about the video to it, so maybe just minimize your window while you're listening! Check her out though, because she has some really fun music.

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Lindsey Brackett said...

I've got an article I'm submitting to HomeLife for you to read. It's about our experience with mice in our storage shed back in Dec. Let's just say there were way more than just one...