Monday, April 20, 2009

Recent happenings

Warning! Picture Heavy post!
I am late with these pics because I left my camera at the Higgins' house on Sunday. So, proceed with caution! Lots of preciousness ahead!
We went to Goats on the Roof last week over Spring Break. It's a local store that has goats on the roofs of the buildings. There are feeding stations where you can work the contraptions that feed the goats. They also have chickens and bunnies. We went with cousins Hayden and Haley and Golly (Grandma Sally). The kids loved it!

Aubrey had to work hard to get the can down the ramp! You have to pedal the bike to get the can of food up to the goats.

Mallory loved the animals. She couldn't get enough of them!
Here is another way you can feed the goats. You pull the pulley across to the other building.
That night Hayden spent the night so we had a fun day of Easter crafting and cooking!

Dyeing eggs with Hayden!

We also cut out and decorated Easter eggs. Mallory didn't get much decorating done because her icing kept disappearing!
Easter was a beautiful day and a special time of worship at church. Our Easter cross is one of my favorite traditions at church. We all bring flowers to decorate the church Easter morning. It's beautiful!

We went to the Georgia Tech spring game on Saturday. We met Amy, Keith, Hayden and Haley there. It was a beautiful day and it was so fun just being outside watching the Jackets. We are looking forward to football season for sure now!

Lots going on lately! I've even gotten some scrapping in, so I'll post pics of those things in a couple of days. We're loving spring and looking forward to possibly seeing the Lanes and sweet baby Les this weekend!


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Fun times! I love the picture of Mallory & the missing icing!

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Looks like fun! Can't wait to see the pictures on scrapbook pages :)