Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A few things

My new blog picture is our family portrait done by Aubrey. He was so proud of himself that he asked if he could stand by the picture when I took it. I loved it. And the round things on my body aren't what you might think, they're my knees he told me. I was a little worried when I asked him!
Before: After:

Mallory got her first haircut on Monday! Such a bittersweet occasion. I had been hoping that the rest of her hair would catch up to her "wings" on the sides of her head, but it wasn't happening so I decided to go ahead and have it trimmed. My mom, who cut my hair until I went away to college, cut it for me. Mallory was so good. She sat as still as a 20 month old will sit and never cried or fussed. It looks so good now, and my mom and sister are very happy that I finally did it and I am too.

I promised pictures of a couple of things I did for my class at Get It Scrapped. One of the layouts is actually about Mallory's hair after her Daddy got ahold of the comb at bathtime. The other is about Aubrey's pony ride this past fall. My class is over now, but it was a lot of fun. I am going to take another very soon.

Yesterday we went and spent part of the day with Jill and Jameson. The weather was perfect so we got to go to their "beach" on their lake. The boys had so much fun, especially since they got to ride their bikes to the beach from Jill's house. As soon as we got in the car to come home Aubrey asked me when we could go back to their beach. It wasn't a big deal of a day, but it reminded me again of how special it is to have good friends to hang with. I had lunch with another sweet friend today. God has been so good to me to bring such sweet Christian women into my life.
I have a couple more book recommendations, but I'll save it for a later post. Email me if you have to have something to read right this minute though!


Heather said...

Haircuts -- my youngest is almost 3 and has never had a cut -- she just now has enough hair to pull back -- we joke that she might get her first cut when she goes to kindergarten!

Kim said...

Love Mallory's new haircut (and Aubrey's artwork)!

Garretts said...

Mallory's haircut is precious. Your new layouts are cute. I love that you said if you need something read right this sec let me know! I have about 4 books on my queue, but I look forward to your recommendations!

Can't wait till shorts weather we can all admire your beautiful knees (you can tell Aubrey appreciates them). Did he say why everyone else was pink and you were white?

Beth Perry said...

Hey girly! Jumped over from VP. I like the daddy haircute layout alot!!
I hope you are having a great week! ;p

Kim said...

By the way, why are you the only one with knees?

Jill said...

Love your new header!

We had a great time yesterday too!

Anonymous said...

That picture is "knees" would be dots for sure. :-) Mallory looks so cute w/ her new do! jenn