Monday, April 22, 2013

Music Monday

This past week has been hard.  Even for those of us who don't live in Boston or Texas.  Just the pictures and stories and imagining "what ifs" has brought us all to tears.  There aren't many easy answers about any of it.  I follow a large amount of political reporters and journalists on twitter, and sometimes when I'm on there it is easy to get angry, frustrated and/or fearful from all the information coming at me.  And sometimes it is easy for me to sit in my Christian home and my church and pray for "those people", but the truth is God loves the Boston bombers every bit as much as he loves me.  I know our human brains have a hard time comprehending that.  As a mom though, it gives me a little peek into the mind of God.  Very little, but a peek nonetheless.  When my children are disobedient, it doesn't make me love them less.  Sometimes it makes me love them more because I know they need it. So that has been reminding me this week to not point fingers or get up in arms, even though I am very good at both of those things.  This song has a line in it that convicts me every single time I hear it.  
"Open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers.  Let our hearts be led by mercy."  People who do everything right don't need mercy.  And none of us are perfect, so we all need mercy.  Every single day.   This song is just a perfect reminder that Jesus came for all of us.  The least of these, actually.  I hope this helps you remember that too.    

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