Monday, January 28, 2013

Music Monday - Grace Like Rain

It's so funny how God works.  Sometimes it seems He puts things in my path over and over so I can get it.  It has been that way lately with the topic of grace.  Last week I was really thinking about it.  How I need to show grace to others the way that Jesus shows it to me.  My feelings got really hurt last week by a comment made about me being a stay at home mom.  Then I was frustrated with another situation that seemed unfair to me.  I wanted to say things and change minds, but kept being reminded of the grace that Christ shows to me.  If He shows me such grace daily, (minute by minute really) how can I not show it to others, and why don't I?  I know I don't.  I expect others to live and act on the level that I think they should.  And do things the way I think they should do it.  So showing grace to others is something that I have been chewing on and working through.  I'm sure I will for the rest of my life, but I want to be better at it.  I want God's grace to be evident in my life by how I show His grace to others each day.  

Then yesterday at church our sermon was on grace and cheapening grace by not living in the fullness and righteousness of Christ after we have been shown the grace of God.  I think God is trying to get me to see something!  

Being gracious usually conjures up thoughts of southern belles, holding their tongues, saying "Bless their hearts" and showing impeccable manners even when they don't want to.  That's kind of what I think God has been showing me.  Being gracious means showing His grace to others, even when I don't agree or think they deserve it.  It's hard.  So very hard for someone like me who pretty much has an opinion on everything.  ;)  I'm working on it though.  If you see me not showing grace, will you please tell me?  Kindly of course, unless you want to give me another opportunity to try again!  :)

This song is one of my favorites about grace. It's a version of Amazing Grace.  And it's not new, but it's a long time favorite of mine.  
 Grace Like Rain  
What a thought, grace falling like rain.  Such a great way to think about it.  Perfect really, because we can't do anything about it.  It just falls on us.  Amazing.  

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