Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Love

Many of you know I love to read.  I usually read about a book a week.  My family didn't have a tv in our home until I was 11.  My grandfather came to stay with us while my parents went out of town and he said he wouldn't stay unless we had a tv, so he went and bought us one.  That's how we ended up with a tv.  We played lots of board games, card games and read a lot as a family.  I was an early reader, already reading chapter books in kindergarten.  I would really rather read than do most things.  And I make myself read at least 5 pages every night before I go to sleep no matter what time it is.

This year I would really like to keep track of the books I read.  I have tried to do this online, but I just don't remember to post them on goodreads like I should.  So I am going to make a book journal.  I will keep it by my bed so as I finish a book I can write it in there.  

So far this year I have read:
This is a great story about a wedding dress and the women that wear it through the years.  It is Christian fiction, both historical and current.  I loved it, and added it to our book club list.

This book was a fascinating look into the world of modeling and what it takes some women to succeed.  Ultimately Crystal Renn couldn't give up any more of herself physically and emotionally and now she is an extremely successful plus size model, although calling her plus sized is ridiculous.  It was a good explanation of eating, eating disorders and what our bodies should be.  

I read this book for our book club selection.  It was good, but not my favorite.  I didn't "get" some of the characters and/or understand why they did what they did/didn't do.  

I really enjoyed this book.  It was a little bit of a mystery, a little romance (but really a very little) and a lot of relational issues that were interesting.  It takes place on an island off the coast of North Carolina and right away you are sucked into the book by the beginning of the mystery.  I love Colleen Coble's writing and this was no exception.

So, I am already ahead of my week per book rate.  In the winter and spring I get more books read because of the weather and holidays.  I'll post when I make my book journal.  What's on your list to read this year?

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