Monday, December 10, 2012

Music Monday - Momma Style

Today's Music Monday is coming to you Momma Style.  My sweet, precious, way too big eight year old had his first solo in church yesterday in the children's Christmas program.  My sweet friend Jennifer suggested yesterday after I posted his picture on Instagram that his solo should be my Music Monday selection, and she was right!  I mean, who else could be better for me to feature?  

With my musical background I have always loved for my children to sing with and without me.  I would never have dreamed that my son would be brave enough to do a solo though.  This is the boy that only a couple of years ago wouldn't even walk down the aisle to carry shoeboxes at Christmas time.  He hated to be at the center of everyone's attention.  I was absolutely shocked, blown away, gobsmacked, etc (you get the picture) when his grandma, AKA Golly, told me he wanted to do a solo.  We practiced and practiced.  He was so nervous, but not nearly as nervous as his daddy.  

And even though I am his momma, and certainly biased, I think his first solo was definitely a success.  
This song is very fun too, "Jesus is here.  The light has come."  What a celebratory message!  You will be tapping your toes and humming it all day if you listen to it!  So thank you for indulging me for a Monday.  And thanks to Jennifer for the great idea.  

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our little family said...

What a beautiful child you have there....and with an awesome voice just like his mama. One of my favorite memories of teaching at Cornelia was standing at my doorway to hear you sing every morning. :) Thanks for sharing this!!!!