Monday, December 17, 2012

Music Monday - All is Well

This weekend has been hard for everyone I think.  I haven't been able to get online, watch the  news or listen to the radio without getting choked up or even crying.  The tragedy in Newtown, Conneticut, is one we will never forget.  I happened to be at home on Friday watching the news as it unfolded and I went through so many emotions, but fear and anger seemed to be at the forefront.  As a former first grade teacher, and the mother of a kindergartener, I absolutely could not wrap my mind around what was happening.  And although I went and spent the night with my best friend from high school, and we went and saw the Broadway show Mary Poppins (which was so much fun), my heart was heavy all weekend.  

Yesterday was Sunday, and I woke up not wanting to go to church.  Not a good thing to confess, I know, but I really just wanted to be home.  I felt God reminding me that we need to be together and I needed to be in His house, so I went.  (and the fact that we just don't stay home from church just because)  Our church choir performed their Christmas cantata.  It was absolutely what I needed.  Music can soothe and touch my soul like nothing else.  The songs told the Christmas story of course, but they did more than that.  They worshipped and exalted the name of Jesus.  They reminded us of what and who is our peace in this crazy, messed up world.  And they reminded us that we know the end of the story!  Jesus wins!  Isn't that awesome?  I hardly had any mascara left at the end of the service, but the one song that I think everyone felt was perfect for the day was the last one.  All is Well.  It's so true.  All is really Well.  Maybe not on the surface, and it doesn't mean that horrific tragedy, sickness, famine, and all sorts of sin aren't surrounding us daily, but All is Well if we know the One who is and was and is to come.  He is our peace.  Truly.  My favorite line in the song says, "For tonight darkness fell into the dawn of love's light."  Darkness can't stand amid the light of Jesus.  I'm holding on to Him as my light and my peace right now, because there sure isn't any in this world of our's.  Hold onto Him too, my friends.  He is everything we need.  

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