Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Monday and an Important Reminder

I was just over at Gypsy Mama, one of my new favorite blogs, and she has a post today about being who we are and appreciating what we are good at instead of what we are not.  This is one thing that has been on my heart concerning my blog.  It is hard to blog about yourself and your life. (at least for me it is)  I never ever want anyone to read my blog and feel less about themselves or their lives.  I have friends who don't read blogs because it makes them feel bad about their life.  I hate that, and it's one reason I quit blogging for a while.  I
I have always been one to get excited about things (even very small things)  At Christmas or birthdays growing up, as soon as I got a new purse or new shoes I would put them on and show everyone.  Not because I was bragging or thought I was so cool, but because I was genuinely excited.  I'm still that way, but now I worry when I get like that.  I never want people to think I think I am better than anyone else.  I hope that comes through in my voice and I know that people who truly know me understand that.  But, if you ever read my blog and hear any haughtiness or pride, please let me know.  I never, ever, ever want that to be what this blog is about.  

This song for Music Monday sums it up.  All I ever have to be is who He Made me.  He knows our hearts. I'm so thankful He does.  

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Garretts said...

oh, Sarah, thanks for sharing. i love reading your heart. God knows your true intentions and your attitude. He'll ensure that your words are used to glorify Him. In the meantime, keep posting!