Saturday, August 22, 2009

by the numbers

I'm not a big numbers person, but so much has happened this week I thought numbering them would be the easiest way to post about them.

0 - The number of stitches Aubrey had to have after splitting his head open at school (in the library!) I got a call from the school while I was in the Eddie Bauer dressing room saying that Aubrey was leaning backwards in his chair in the library and fell, hitting his head on the bottom shelf. Misty said he was bleeding pretty bad and she thought I should come get him. I told her I would get right on the road, but it would be at least 30 minutes. I then called D. He was at the office and got to the school in about 5 minutes. All afternoon we debated taking him to the dr., but after his bath when his head was still bleeding we called our friends the Garretts. Josh was on call in the ER, and Laura told him what was going on. He said we should come in, so we did. Dr. Josh was able to use glue for Aubrey's head instead of having to stitch or staple it. Something we were very thankful for. I might add that zero is also the amount of normal people (besides us) in the ER late at night.

1 - Day this week I was able to spend in Aubrey's class helping his teacher and being with Aubrey. It was so much fun. It was almost fun enough to make me miss teaching. I so love those sweet kinder kids. They are so funny, and it was great to be able to put faces with the names Aubrey talks about.

2- Days a week my sweet girl is going to pre-school now. I have felt guilt about sending her, but in order to work in Aubrey's class, I needed to. Mallory is also a big mama's girl, so it is good for her to be away from me also. I love our church pre-school, and she has the same teacher Aubrey did last year, so everything is good.

3 - Days I worked at the Jazzercise center and did a class. I love it, and am seriously considering trying to be an instructor. We'll see what happens. Three is the number of deer Mallory and I spent time watching on Thursday - a mama and two babies. She loves "baby deer" and calls for them every time we drive down our driveway. Three is also the number of times Aubrey has cut his own hair in the past year. We discovered the third time in the ER while examining his head. Happened at school when some girls told him too. Yeah, great.

4 - Number of kids consistently at our house yesterday. My sister Leah and her 2 came over and played, which is such a neat treat. We are all loving them being so close now. I got to see her 3 times this week. After they left, our neighbor kids came over and played till 8:30pm. Lots of outside fun.

5 - Number of days I think it has rained this week. This is not good for D.'s job site. While we love the rain, we are looking forward to some drier days next week.

6 - Number of loaves of banana bread I baked this morning. I love my mom's recipe. I will give some away, but first I had to try it, and it is still good.

As you can tell, it has been a busy week for us. This is only part of our crazy week, but you get the idea. I also want to ask you to pray for our sweet cousin Baby Les (Leah's baby). He is having surgery on Monday to repair his cleft lip and give him a nose. Be in prayer for Leah and Chris and baby Les. The day will be hard for all of them. We are so thankful for the lessons we are all learning through baby Les' journey. He is a blessing.

Oh, I almost forgot -
2 weeks from today - The Gators begin their run at their next BCS Championship title! Woo Hoo! Can you tell I can't wait?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Sarah, that is a busy time! I remember being in elementary school and the teachers were always telling us, "Don't lean back in your chair or you'll fall and bust your head" I bet Aubrey will be an example for years! So glad he's okay, but I bet that was really upsetting nonetheless. And, I'm so with you on the no normal ppl in the ER thing...

Also, I wanted to say, I recently began working on a page that I want to make and was reading through some of the entries/comments from when Logan was in the hospital. I read every comment then and they were so encouraging to me, but I didn't really pay that much attention to who wrote them all at the time (I hope that doesn't sound too bad). Anyway, while I was reading back through I was touched again by your compassionate and supportive comments and just wanted to say THANKS!!! I appreciate it more than you know and it definitely encouraged me at the time.