Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh deer

I used to like deer. We have them in our yard all the time, and I used to just love to watch them walk or run through, or even stay and graze in our backyard. Now I strongly dislike them. I would say hate, but hate is a word I try to stay away from. Our garden has been doing so well until the past week when the deer visited. Our beans have been decimated, our tomatoes have not fared much better, and our okra is halfway gone. It just kills me! I have been so excited about our garden and all we were producing and then those animals just came and wiped out all that work. D. didn't want to put a fence up even though I strongly suggested we do so. (you wives know how that goes) So, go ahead and get the animal rights activists after me. I don't care. I no longer want any deer in my yard.

P.S. - The good news is that the yellow squash, turnips and cantaloupes are growing like crazy. We had squash and turnip greens last night for dinner and it was delicious.
P.P.S. - I have strong reason to believe the deer may be getting some help from the local rabbits. They are all in cahoots, I tell ya.
Exhibit A - my decimated green beans.

My beautiful squash plant!

My turnip greens which are overflowing!

Tassels on our corn!

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Sabrina said...

Jack can help you with your problem! :)