Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back from the beach!

We made it home safe and sound from our beach trip. It was wonderful and consisted of lots of things.
Lots of riding in the car to get there.
Lots of luggage.
Lots of visits from Aqua Man. (Aubrey loves, loves his goggles)

Lots of putt putt. (Aubrey had never played before, but quickly became hooked)

Lots and lots of swimming.

Lots of playing in the sand.

Lots of kite flying and walking on the beach.

Lots of looking for sand crabs. (He's right at the end of the stick. Totally camouflaged. Isn't God's creation amazing?)

Lots of duck feeding. Both children loved watching and feeding them.

Lots of cute looks from our bathing beauty.

Although I didn't take any pictures, there was lots of lounging in the lazy river pool for me. I need one of those in. my. backyard. It was truly the life for me. I also got 4, yes 4 books read while we were there. My favorite way to spend time at the beach or the pool.

There was also lots of seafood eaten by me and D., and avoided by the children. Having children who are allergic to fish and shellfish is a challenge when dining out at the beach, but we didn't have any problems, thank God.

Now we're back and in the midst of Vacation Bible School. We're also anticipating the arrival of Aunt Beth today! Yippee! We haven't seen her since last July and it's just awful. We are going to have a great rest of the week. Please be in prayer for Chris and Leah as they try to sell their house, buy a new house and manage as a family while Chris is working away from home at his new job most of the week.


Garretts said...

Love that darling picture of miss mallory peeking from between the lounge chairs! What a cutie! Glad you guys had fun and avoided any allergic reactions.

Have a nice visit with your sis. We'll plan a park visit next week, I hope!

Jill said...

Sounds like fun!!! We'll have to find a local putt-putt place to take the boys. Jameson played a few times in Ohio and loved it too!

Have fun with Beth!

happydays525 said...

Love the fun goggles photo! =) Looks like you are enjoying your summer!