Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday fun!

Just wanted to post a couple of pics from Aubrey's birthday party this weekend. My sweet friend Jill took these for me. I made the banner for him thinking we were going to have the party at home and we were going to decorate like a castle. It still added to the theme at the gym. Aubrey and I had so much fun making his castle cake. I looked at a bunch of pictures of castle cakes online and then we amended them to fit what we had to work with. He loved it. He told me over and over, "The cake is awesome!" I was glad he was so pleased with it. The party was fun. The boys definitely loved the inflatable swords and shields. The dragon pinata was a hit too (no pun intended). Very fun time was had by all.

Aubrey is so excited to be five. Every time we have talked to someone in public (people we know) Aubrey tells them out of nowhere, "I'm five now!" It's so cute.

Five things I love about my five year old:

1. He is so excited by the smallest things - our garden, bugs, cute animals, etc.

2. He is such a snuggle bug. (and I love to snuggle)

3. He is already particular about his hair and his outfits.

4. He loves, loves, loves Legos right now. I am amazed at his creativity with them. Way cool.

5. He has a humongous heart. He is such a sweetie. I am especially thankful for this part of him.
There are many, many more things I love about him, but I won't ramble. Love you Aubrey!


Kim said...

The cake turned out great! I'm glad he had a happy birthday!

Garretts said...

Cool cake! Did you make the drawbridge & windows out of fondant?

Btw, I zoomed in on the banner photo and cracked up. Not only is cute little Aubrey waving at the camera, you look like you are demonstrating the perfect pinata stance! :)

Must have been a fun day!

Nita said...

WOW what an amazing cake! great job on it.