Friday, April 24, 2009

Crocs and creations!

Yesterday we spent part of our day in Commerce with Jill and Jameson in Commerce. We had such a good time - We were at Chick-Fil-A for almost 2 hours! We promised them we'd go home by bedtime, so we left, but it was a fun afternoon.

I had to get both of the kiddos some new shoes, so we got Aubrey new church shoes and also found out that Mallory was finally measuring a 4! This might not seem like a big deal, but most children wear a 4 somewhere around age 1. She has the tiniest feet. I got her some new Keds for the summer, but I had to get her some Crocs (I have wanted to forever, but she's been too small for them!). Aubrey pretty much lives in his, especially in the summer. So we went to Davis Bros. and they had the most precious little pink Crocs you've ever seen! They just happened to match the outfit she had on perfectly, so she got to wear them home. Our fashion maven is just beginning!

Aubrey and I got to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having by spending the rest of our afternoon outside. We got out the sidewalk chalk and went to town. Aubrey amazes me with his drawings. He has really blossomed in this area this year. He loves to draw pictures, and now you can really tell what they are! Unfortunately it rained last night after dinner, so our pictures aren't there anymore, but they were for a little while and I got pics.

On the Aubrey front, he has been keeping us in stitches with his imagination. This boy has got one for sure. Yesterday as we were going into Commerce, I said, "Aubrey, look at that big pillar of smoke!" (He loves to look at big fires and figure out what is happening) He said, "That must be where the meteor crashed. That looks just like meteor smoke." I just about cracked up. Then on the way home he was telling me about a sound he hears when he makes the turn in our driveway on his four wheeler. He said he was pretty sure we have a Yeti living in our backyard. I told him they only lived in the cold weather areas and noone really knows if they exist, and he told me that it had moved. He said the sound could be a Yeti or the "wind whistling over the mountain" (we live on a hill), but he's "pretty sure" that it's a Yeti. That boy is so silly, but just as serious as he could be! Anyway, he keeps us entertained.

I will post some layouts tomorrow I promise. The kid stories are just more fun right now!


Jill said...

Love the shoes!!

Garretts said...

yes, the crocs are the cutest! I'm guessing there was a temporary thawing of the spending freeze? I think the crocs were a just cause. So excited for you that she can finally wear a 4!