Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's the little things

D. laughed at me the other day when I got so excited about Aubrey getting dressed and ready all by himself. He said, "It's the little things, isn't it Sarah?" I told him that in my life the little things were what do it for me. It is the little things that bring so much happiness to me most. I think we anticipate the big moments and holidays so much that we overlook the little, small things that most would not consider special, but they really are if we treat them as such. Sometimes it is an actual material little thing that makes me happy such as my morning heaven these days, Millstone Peppermint Coffee. My first sip every morning is one of the best moments of my day. Some might think that sad, but it's just because it is comforting and warm to me.
Sometimes, it's just doing little things with my family, like Aubrey and I decorating cupcakes and making candy pretzels and magic reindeer food. I have really had to work at not being antsy if the cupcakes aren't really pretty or we make a big mess while doing these things. I have to be honest and say it wasn't my finest moment yesterday when Aubrey poured almost half a bottle of sprinkles on ONE cupcake. He reminded me, "Mom, you said I was in charge of the sprinkles!"
So, I apologized and we moved on, and just swept afterwards. Lately it's been playing "horsey" before bathtime. It is so much fun to hear these little ones belly laugh as they are riding the horse. So precious!

Anyway,the holiday we are getting ready to celebrate focuses on a little thing. A really tiny baby born to set us free and save us from our sins. Baby Jesus. Let's keep reminding ourselves that sometimes the littlest things are the most important. You all have to know that I'm writing to myself as much as anyone else, so keep me in your prayers as you check in!


Carolyn said...

Thanks Sara, we all need to be reminded at times about the little things!!!

Kim said...

I love the "piggie back" picture and the look on Mallory's face is priceless! Thanks for introducing me to Millsotone Peppermint Coffee, it was GREAT! Somehow I can totally see Aubrey dumping all the sprinkles....he likes LOTS of glitter when we use it in Mission Friends!

Erin said...

Okay, Sarah! So after I received the most amazing & adorable handmade Christmas write a post that makes me tear up! You can do it all, girl. Horsey rides before bathtime. Super-mom!! Your munchkins are darling! Also teary that I missed the big swap. There's always hope for next year!

Garretts said...

I too, loved the horse ride photo! Of course, the handmade cards are too cute!

Thanks for helping keep us in check during this hectic holiday season!

Jenn said...

the reason i love this picture so much is because it's a sweet moment with mom and her kids. that rarely happens b/c we are always behind the camera...take note sweet mamas! :-)

vtpuggirl said...

I agree, it's the little things that add up to the big things in life. They are all I can remember anyhow, right?