Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Things

I realized a couple of things in the past day or so. The first is, I'm getting old. I know physically I don't look old, but I can't sleep in anymore!!! That is such an old person thing. I never could believe it when older people would say, "I just can't sleep late!" Well, I'm there. I can't sleep much past 7:30 these days. Last night I was up with Mallory for an hour and a half so I was going to sleep in a little this morning. Nope, at 7:15 I was wide awake! I realize I'm not ready for the AARP, but it is truly amazing to me that I can't sleep in anymore.
The other thing I realized is that almost every week I say, "This has been such a crazy week!" I don't like my life to be so busy, but it definitely is at times. So, I'm going to work on that as much as I can. This week and weekend in particular, we have lots going on (actually I do) so I am really busy, but I'm planning on having a slower week next week. Say a prayer.

Fun things!
First, I found this website on another blog I visit. It is so fun. You put in your name and it tells you how many other people in the US have the same name. There are 233 people with my name, 427 with D.'s name, 12 people with Aubrey's name, and 5 people with Mallory's name. How cool is that? Anyway, go check it out. You may be surprised! Here it is: Names

The next fun thing is that a friend from high school found me and she and her family are medical missionaries in Paraguay. That is so neat! Her blog is really cool because she shows a lot of pictures of the people and the country. I have added her blog to my favorites next door, so go visit and say hi to Amy McKissick, formerly Amy Crittenden.
Last fun thing for you scrappers is that I start an online class today! Yippee! I am doing the class Red Letter Days with Elizabeth Dillow on Big Picture Scrapbooking I am so looking forward to it. Elizabeth's book was so great that I know I will love her class.
And to finish, I am putting a couple of pictures (actually a bunch b/c my sister Leah says I don't post enough pics) I like just because I feel like a post without pictures is incomplete. Have a wonderful weekend!

This is one girl who hates to be told no! Can you tell? This was the first time Mallory pulled herself up. It was on our dog gate!

Aubrey enjoying his ice cream at Chick Fil A. Also, I'm sure everyone in the US knows that if you turn in the toy in your happy meal at Chick Fil A you can get an ice cream, but I just learned that so Aubrey was enjoying it.

Aubrey in his booster looking so cool with his glasses in his shirt.

Here's Aubrey pretending to shoot the slingshot with the statue. He has been interested in slingshots since we read about David and Goliath.


Jill said...

Yeah for unique names!!

There are only 30 with my name, over 700 with James' name and best of all...Jameson's result said 1 or fewer!

Have fun with your class. I can't wait to hear about it!!!

Kim said...

I love the name search! There were 7 with Hailey's name, 22 with Jackson's name, 225 with Jay's name and 938 with my name!

Laura T. said...

Stumbled upon your blog while doing a search.

Love your layouts. I'm also taking Elizabeth's class and am so excited to get started on my first layout. Still not sure what I'm going to create, but have lots of time this weekend to work on scrapbooking.

I plan on coming back to visit.

Garretts said...

so sorry you've gone so long with toys from chick-fil-a...Ice Dream is sooooooooo much better!

Sometimes I get a kids meal just for that reason!

jennifer said...

There are over a million people with my name! ha! Great to see you today. MOPS was so fun!! See you soon...

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

Hey, you mentioned us! Thanks. I too LOVED being a part of a MOPS group when we were in the states. Total God-send. Do you scrap book online or with actually paper and doo-dads, ect?