Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun weekend!

This was a fun weekend. We started by tailgating at our local high school football game. We took some Zaxby's and sat out while the kids played on the practice field. We then enjoyed a great, though tense game. Our guys won, beating the #6 team in the state! Yeah! Mallory and I didn't make it through the whole game, but Aubrey and D. did.

Saturday was busy, but also lots of fun. We started it off watching College GameDay in the wonderful town of Gainesville, FL! Who wouldn't love that? Then the Higgins clan came over, had lunch and watched the first half of the GaTech game. We then went downtown for a special ceremony honoring D's dad. He was mayor for almost 30 years. The city named our plaza for him down by the railway depot. The ceremony was very nice, and it is really special that the plaza is named after him. Will be neat to take the kids and grandkids there in the future.

That night we had a great dinner and then watched the Gators play Miami. I won't lie, I was very nervous for much of the game. However, the good guys prevailed. The Jackets won too! All three of our teams this weekend, high school, GT and UF all won. How bout that?

Now I am eyeball deep in hangers and tags as I get our children's clothing ready for our local consignment sale this weekend. So I'm off to tag some more!

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Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

This is AMY CRITTENDEN (now McKissick)! Got your blog site from Holly Mack...caught up with her on facebook...anyway your kids are precious!!! We have a blog too amyinparaguay.blogspot.com my fam has been in paraguay 3 years doing medical work.