Monday, July 7, 2008

What a weekend!

This weekend we went to the Higgins lake house. The whole clan was there. We went up on Thursday and had a whole weekend of water fun, good food and laughing! Aubrey especially loves the lake, and isn't scared to do anything. He was crying because we wouldn't let him jump off of the boathouse. (I don't even do that!) He loves riding the seadoos and in the tube behind the boat. This year, we got a tube that seats 3 people, so the 3 cousins rode on that thing all weekend. All we heard was, "Can we tube again?" over and over. It was fun watching them be old enough to really do things on the lake. Mallory loved splashing in her little pool on the dock and watching the big kids. And I loved relaxing and reading good books out in the sun.

I love the fireworks. This year D. bought some real good ones in South Carolina since they are illegal in GA. (shh, we broke the law) So on the 4th we had our own firework show on the dock. The kids had a blast. We had these really long sparklers that they loved. The boys kept saying, "This is awesome!" The lake fireworks are always on the Saturday closest to the 4th, so they were on Saturday. I didn't get to go because Mallory was already asleep. But I enjoyed watching all the boats head down to the show.

The 4th of July weekend is always so much fun. Of course we ate too much and stayed up too late, but it was worth it. Now we're home back in the swing of things. Aubrey is doing another round of swimming lessons, and Callie is getting spayed today. I am going to the dr. because I think I might have the mumps. (I'll let you know when I get back) So I am a little under the weather. And to top it off I got called for jury duty tomorrow! I'll update you when I know more. I'll also add pictures later because I was not prepared and my camera battery broke while I was there, so Amy took pictures for me.

Edited to add - I'm back from the dr., and although I have all the symptoms of the mumps, it appears to just be some type of infection. I do have a very swollen, painful lymph node between my ear and jaw so it looks kind of like the mumps. Say a prayer that I feel better in the morning b/c I don't want to sit in the courtroom feeling bad! Thanks!


Garretts said...

although we had a great 4th, i have to admit reading your post made me wish we had been at the lake! i'm with tubing and sea-dooing (is that a word?)
hope you feel better tues and jury duty goes fast.
oh, can i borrow the shack next?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we didn't "run" into each other! We always see friends from Cornelia at the lake house when we don't see them around town. We were there all weekend too and had such fun! Ray and Temple learned to knee board and so I am far behind on the lake tricks now. Hope you feel better soon! Love, Nancy