Saturday, July 19, 2008

Aquarium trip! You won't believe it!

We went to the Georgia Aquarium today and from what we understood we helped make history! Apparently they had a record attendance today. Yes, the day we decided to finally go to the aquarium was the busiest in their history. The lady working there told us they had over 8,000 ticket reservations. Yes, that's eight THOUSAND! We about died when we saw the line to get in. Had we not already bought our tickets I believe we would have found something else to do in Atlanta. Every family reunion in Georgia was there today I think. And, to top it off, I left my memory card for my camera in the car. So, I had to buy a throw away camera and use it. I'm hoping that at least a couple of pics will be ok. Despite the crowds and the absurd amount of money it costs to get in the aquarium and actually eat there, we had a good time. It is a beautiful exhibit and Aubrey loved all the fish and sea creatures. We all had favorites of course. Mine was the Beluga whales - they are so cute and such hams. Aubrey's favorite was the alligator - I am raising him right! And D's favorite was the sea lions. Mallory was so cute pointing and making the cutest sounds about anything that moved. So, it was a fun day followed by a good dinner and dessert for my birthday (my favorite ice cream, White Turtle at Brusters!) I also got a little pink camera to keep in my purse, so maybe next time I go to the aquarium I will have a good camera with me! Thanks for all the sweet wishes and thoughts today. It has been great. I am so blessed by my 33 years. I'm praying for many more!


Kimberly said...

I'm gald that y'all had a good time. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU LEFT YOUR MEMORY CARD IN THE CAR! I'm glad that you got your pink camera though! Happy Birthday! See you in the morning. Love,Kim

Garretts said...

Hope it wasn't too hot out there. We waited about 30 minutes in the heat for the Coke museum right next door last weekend.
I hope your pictures turn out. Look forward to seeing them and the scrapbook page that will accompany them! :) Happy Birthday!

Merideth said...

Oh, that is too funny about the "record". I could have sworn the day we went last summer was a record breaker for sure! Glad you guys had fun and here's to another blessed 33 years! (By the way, you don't look a day over 21)