Tuesday, June 24, 2008

View from VBS

It has come and gone. The annual VBS week at church. This was Aubrey's first year being old enough to participate. He absolutely loved it. I told you about his mohawk last week, but each day he had so much fun. The day we were supposed to dress up in beach attire he would not wear what I picked out for him. He wanted to pick out his own clothes. So, I decided not to fight that battle and let him dress himself. Well, of course it wasn't what I would have had him wear, but he undressed and dressed himself, which I felt was a milestone for him. He was so proud of himself. I explained to him that since he wasn't dressing "beachy" he wouldn't be in the running for a prize at VBS that day like he was with his mohawk. (the kids get a prize for participating in the attire contests each day) He thought about it for a minute and decided he still wanted to wear what he had picked out. On the way to VBS he said, "Mom, I think my outfit is beachy! I am going to call myself Beachy Man!" And that is what he did. I got such a kick out of him as I do most days. He is definitely unique and pretty confident in himself. He did participate in crazy hat day. His hat was the craziest. He and I made it the night before and he loved it. He wouldn't take it off the next day. He and Hayden played all afternoon in the hot sun in their crazy hats. It was so cute. They came up to me in their crazy hats with a tool box in Aubrey's hand and his Bob the Builder computer in the other, ready to go outside. I said, "What are you guys doing?" Aubrey replied, "We're going to take the battery out of Daddy's four wheeler." I said, "OK." not thinking they could really do it. Well, I should have known better from my experience as Aubrey's mom. It was just so comical with them in their crazy hats, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. I wish I could have it on video. So precious. Anyway, I went outside and they had moved D's four wheeler (pushed it themselves, and it is heavy), had the seat off and were attempting to remove the battery. I had to stop them there. I'm pretty sure Aubrey would have figured out how to do it. It's scary how much he is like his daddy.

Since VBS we have listened to Surfin through the Scriptures, Beach Party and Shazaam over and over, with the motions included. Aubrey is so stinkin precious pretending to surf to the songs and singing along. I am so thankful for times like VBS where God's words and ideas just soak into our children. Aubrey got so much out of this week. I am very grateful. It gets so hard to make sure they are really getting it sometimes. God is so gracious to help us when we ask. I have really been praying for help as Aubrey gets older. The world can be a scary place for Christian parents!

On this same note, we had a MOPS steering team meeting yesterday and the ladies on our team always make me feel so refreshed as a mom and a Christian woman. I am so thankful God led me to MOPS. It has made such a difference to me. I am a Co-Creative Team leader for next year with my friend Nancy (Hi Nancy! She reads here) and I am really excited about it. Both of my sisters are also involved in MOPS so it is a family affair. Anyway, I love it and thank God for it.

One last thought I read on Jennifer Stewart's blog this week, "Our circumstances are not an accurate reflection of God's goodness. Whether life is good or bad, God's goodness, rooted in his character, is the same." - Helen Grace Lescheid. Whoah, what a great reminder, God is good! Sorry for the epic post. Hope you made it this far!


Kimberly said...

What a great week! Jackson & I had a great time at VBS too. I really enjoyed helping out with crafts, the company was pretty good too! Maybe I can get Aubrey to show me those dance moves. When I dance to the VBS music Jackson tells me I'm doing it wrong, but when I ask him to show me he says "I don't dance". He's just like his Dad! Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

I like the post! You are going to help me learn how to not be so worried about everything that my boys do! I notice you let Aubrey play outside alot and you are able to get things done and go on about your day.....help me! I feel like I have to be RIGHT beside them all the time. Love, Nancy

Leah said...

I just HAD to laugh at Nancy's comment (even though I don't know her) b/c I kid with Sarah that she is too relaxed! For instance, one time I walked in the kitchen and freaked out that Aubrey (a toddler at the time) had a quarter in his mouth! Sarah just said, "Oh, he's fine. He doesn't swallow the stuff he puts in his mouth." Yeah, and there is always a first for everything! I tighten Sarah up and she relaxes me... when she can!

Sarah said...

You're not supposed to tell stories like that about me! (:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Leah for letting me know it isn't just me....I'll have to have some "Sarah therapy" hopefully she doesn't charge too much. Nancy

Jill (aka jjstar) said...

I feel so blessed to have a fellow Christian mom, like you, in my daily life!

Love the pics!