Friday, June 6, 2008

summer is here!

Summer has arrived in Georgia! It has been so hot this week, and I am just not real happy about it. I like the idea of summer, the watermelon, popsicles, swimming, 4th of July, etc., but I can definitely do without the summer heat. This week we have been trying to make the best of it and "beat the heat". The kids of course, love all of this. We are very blessed to have a pool at Papa and Golly's house, so Wednesday we went swimming for the first time this summer. Aubrey had a blast. Mallory thought the water was too cold to sit in and needed to be held the whole time. We had our friend Kelly with us, so Mallory had a fun friend to play with her and take special care of her. Aubrey loved having Kelly because it was like having a big sister to play Chutes and Ladders with and swing him on the playset. It was a fun day all around.

Today Aubrey's friend Jackson came over. Those boys are going to sleep well tonight for sure! We got out the slip and slide and they slipped and slided until I made them stop to conserve some water! With the super soakers by their sides, they made sure everything else got watered today. Callie even got in on the water gun fights. They have been playing outside and inside alternately all day, only stopping for drinks and food. Mallory and I have been keeping cool inside. I am not kidding or being trite when I say I am thankful for air conditioning. I do not like to be hot. I think I already said that once, but it is true! I have been able to get some scrapping done today, so it's been a pretty good day for all of us. And, we're grilling out tonight so it will get even better!

Tomorrow night we have a party to go to. We had a party last Saturday night. D. and I were laughing about it this week when we were talking about it, because we are pretty big homebodies. We don't have a big social calendar outside of church and family. We're pretty proud of ourselves for having back to back weekend plans. (:

I hope all of you have a fun, safe and COOL weekend!


Kelly said...

I love the wonderful comments that were posted about me. I am SO glad that you and your family enjoyed my company! I will certainly be happy to do it again because it was so much fun to interact with the kids and be able to help you out. The music adds alot to the page. Call me anytime and I will come to help or even play! I enjoyed it so much! -Kelly

Jill (aka jjstar) said...

Your blog is so cool Sarah Higgins!!!!

Love the new slide show and the music is great too. The new pages are really cute. Especially like the bed bugs and kindermusik ones.

I agree with you about the AC. It is so hot out and this weekend is going to be even warmer. Stay cool!

Kim said...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Jackson had SO much fun playing with Aubrey, much better than hanging out at The Hollow Log...go figure! He hasn't stopped talking about his day, even with Callie!
Love Ya! Kim