Monday, May 19, 2008

He's Four now!

I can't believe it, but my sweet little boy is four now. He turned four on Friday, but told his Aunt Amy that he wasn't four on Friday yet because he hadn't had any birthday cake. Apparently that is his qualification for turning a year older. You must eat cake.

Friday we let him pick where he wanted to eat dinner, and of course his answer was "Zaxby's". We swear he is going to turn into a chicken, because that is his favorite thing to eat. So, we ate chicken at Zaxby's and then picked up his Lightning McQueen birthday cake. It was really cute, and he loved it.

Saturday we had his party. Since we wouldn't let him have his party at Murphy's house (like he had insisted on since Murphy's party in October), we had it at our house. The theme was Lightning McQueen (Cars) of course, and we rented a bounce house for the kids to jump in. The weather was beautiful. We cooked out hot dogs and hamburgers, and just had a good time. Aubrey had a blast. He was so excited about all of his presents and all the friends that came to the party. We are so blessed to have such caring, fun people as friends and family. All of his little friends are such sweeties. And I think even the adults enjoyed themselves. Aubrey ate his cake and officially turned four. I always think every age is more fun than the last with him, and i hope we continue this trend with four. He is such a blessing!
P.S. - I am usually fashionably opposed to character clothing, but I had to let him wear his Cars t-shirt for the party. It was the theme!


Jill (aka jjstar) said...

We were so happy to be able to be there. This was our first Higgins birthday party!

Kim said...

I'm glad Aubrey had a great time, I hate that we had to miss it! I agree with Aubrey, you can't have a birthday without cake - LOTS of cake!

Garretts said...

sounds like fun. be honest...did you get in the bounce house after the kids went home? my sister-in-law and I are both also fashionably opposed to character! she once almost flipped over her parents buying Nemo sandals for her then 3-year-old to wear only at the pool. ha, ha!