Friday, March 29, 2013

Music Monday - Good Friday edition

Last night we had a Maundy Thursday service at church. It was beautiful and amazing.  It is usually my favorite service of the year, next to Easter.  We spent time remembering the last hours of Jesus' life.  We  shared Communion together remembering how Jesus shared it with his disciples.  I loved everything about the service.  

And while it is so important to remember what Jesus did for us, like our pastor reminded us last night, the story isn't over.  It is hanging undone, like a dissonant chord in music.  It needs to be resolved.  And it will.  On Sunday.  We know it's coming.  The people alive with Jesus didn't, and what agony and sadness they must have felt.  I think it's easier for us to understand his death because we know He rose again.  But if we had lived with Him, Good Friday wouldn't have been good at all.

This song has been a favorite of mine for a while.  I love it any time of the year, as it speaks to our "Fridays" in life, but it is really perfect for today.  

It's Friday, but Sunday is coming!  

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