Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Craft Day

On Monday I hosted my third Craft Day. I got the idea this past fall when I saw a fun wreath I wanted to make and I thought, "It would be so fun to get a group of friends and make these together!" So I did, and Craft Day was born. We all bring our kids, our supplies, and a yummy food to share for lunch. This time I found a great Easter craft from here. Cathe Holden at the Just Something I Made blog has the neatest DIY ideas, and this one was so fun and easy. It is an Easter Egg holder vase. I got a variety of spoons at our local thrift shop and used a pickle jar for the vase. It only probably took us maybe 30 minutes to complete our projects. Of course, that didn't stop us from using a whole day together to chat, eat and fellowship. Such a fun, useful way to spend a day. Good for our souls and our home decor! (I didn't get pics of everyone there - totally meant to but just forgot!)

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