Saturday, February 5, 2011

Book recommendation

This week I read the book, Dwelling:Living Fully from the Space You Call Home by Mary Beth Lagerborg. I picked up the book at MOPS a month or so ago. It looked like something that would encourage me and give me some ideas. I have to say that I loved it. Mary Beth doesn't really focus on decorating or the material part of our homes, although she does talk about it. It is really about using our homes to be the people we are supposed to be. What we want our homes to "feel" like, and how we want people to feel while they are in our homes. She also discusses community and how we can increase our sense of community through having people in our homes and neighborhoods. I would highly recommend it to you. I will be returning our MOPS copy next time I'm there, so you can check it out next!

Also, on the home front, I have never loved a home appliance the way I love my Haan steam cleaner. My sister got a Shark steam cleaner last year and I checked them out, but decided on the Haan. It only uses water, so it is better for the environment and our homes, and it sanitizes as it cleans. I am actually happy to clean my floor with it. And as you can imagine, that is a new feeling! So, although I can't give one away, here's another great recommendation. I promise you will love it if you get one!

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