Thursday, December 17, 2009

back again!

My blogging is way behind because I was computerless for almost 2 weeks. I am back with a new computer (which I love), but all of my pictures are still on my old computer so I have no pics for this post. Right now our life is filled with school, church and other Christmas happenings. I have been way busier than I like and away from home a bunch, which I absolutely hate. I love being at home, so times like this make me a little crazy. I am looking forward to next week having the kids home and no place to go. We may even have a pajama day. (in fact I can almost promise it!) I am really trying to pray my way through this busyness and keep the gift of the sweet baby Jesus at the forefront of my thoughts as I go through my days. I know it sounds trite, but I am really trying to keep the "Christ" in Christmas. If you have any ideas of how you do this, or suggestions for us moms, please post them below! I love hearing things like that. We can all do better at this I think!

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