Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey Strangers!

I know some of you have been wondering where I've been and waiting with baited breath for a new blog post. But, the past week has been one filled with craziness for me and unfortunately the blog is the first thing that gets ignored. I won't go into all the craziness, but some highlights (or lowlights) of the week included: Mallory's poop in my foyer (funny story actually), Mallory in dog poop, coffee falling all over my head and my car, Aubrey giving himself his own haircut (AGAIN! Look at all the hair he cut while playing "Barber"), sliding into throw up at Monkey Joe's, spraining his ankle, and me being in charge of crafts for MOPS and our Spring Retreat. Nothing in my week was really bad, but added stress and interruptions. It was funny though, because in my Bible study last week, Priscilla Shirer talked about how our interruptions are really God trying to get us to stop and change our focus or view. So I kept asking Him what I was supposed to be seeing! It was a crazy week, but one that kept me looking above, so I guess that was the point of it all. Our MOPS retreat was so fun, and made me laugh harder than I have in a very long time.
Anyway, today was a bittersweet day for me as a Mommy. I registered Aubrey for kindergarten. I realize the ultimate goal for moms is for their children to spread their wings and fly away (as told to me by my all-knowing sister) but I'm really not ready for Aubrey to fly yet. To continue the bird analogy, I like feeding him and sitting on him in our nest. I know that's not good for him for long though, so pray that I will be able to nudge him out of the nest this fall. I'm really praying that God will give him a Godly teacher and Godly friends and surround him with things from above. It's scary this big world we live in.

I have been scrapping and crafting some. I did a couple of layouts for challenges and fun at Vintage Plum. I haven't taken pictures of two of them, but when I do I'll post them I have really been enjoying hanging out there and using the fun kit they had in March. I am really looking forward to the April kit. I also did this snail for Mallory's bathroom. I got the snail from damboise designs on etsy. She has some really fun shapes and letters to alter. I will have more scrappy news on the way, but I can't share right now. Stay tuned!


Garretts said...

Glad you are back. I just realized that even though you love music, you would be a really good art teacher you know? I'm glad to know someone so crafty! Love the snail.

Anonymous said...

OH sarah......I can't ever read that post again! Kindergarten? How sweet & sad....all at the same time! I was crying like a baby and he's not even mine. You'll do great & you know he will too- :-) Praying he gets an awesome teacher too. Love, Jenn

Jill said...

I am totally laughing at the picture of you actually sitting on your little bird. I also can't believe he is going to SCHOOL next year. Time flies!

Love the snail! So adorable!!! You are on fire my crafty friend!

Michelle Sanders said...

super cute snail! Thanks for dropping by my blog...I'll have to add you to my bloglines feed so I can keep up with yours too! See ya around VP!

Beth Perry said...

Yowsa, busy week! haha
Such a cute snail, though! :P
TGIF tomorrow!