Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There's something different about him

This morning as I was getting the kids ready to leave the house (in a rush as usual) I was brushing Aubrey's hair to get rid of the bed head he always has. I thought the front looked funny, but his hair always grows kind of jagged, so I just thought it was from being asleep and went on. We went to the dr. and then met Jill and Jameson for lunch at Chick-Fil-A, our favorite lunch date. When Aubrey walked into Chick-Fil-A with Jill while I got Mallory out of the car, Jill said, "Aubrey, did you cut your hair?" Aubrey replied, "Yes, I did it last night but my mom doesn't know!" When I walked in the restaurant, Jill was cracking up. She said, "Did you know that Aubrey cut his hair?" I started laughing, and then realized that's why it looked so funny to me this morning. Obviously I hadn't had my coffee that early this morning. We laughed and laughed, both at him doing it and at me not noticing it.

When we got home I asked him where the hair was. He told me it was still in Mallory's toy basket, and sure enough, there it was. He said, "That's a lot of hair, isn't it Mom? It looks cool, kind of brownish like yours." He was so proud of himself. So once again we had to talk about how scissors are for cutting paper only. I just chalk it up to one more childhood milestone we have now reached.

Mallory had her 18 month check up today and she had not gained very much weight at all. She fell on the growth chart for weight. We believe this is mostly due to her being allergic to milk and not being able to eat many foods that are high calorie/high fat. The dr. is going to talk to a pediatric nutritionist to see if we can find other ways to help her get some meat on her bones. Other than that, she is doing great.

On another note, I am getting pumped up about the Gators playing in the BCS National Championship Game this Thursday night. If you don't know anything about Tim Tebow, our quarterback, read this. Besides being a Gator, which already makes him way cool, he is a wonderful Christian young man. (Calling him a young man makes me sound really old, doesn't it?) Even some of my Gator hater friends (I know, that is an oxymoron for me isn't it?) admit that they like and admire Tebow. So, I'm not sure if God pays attention to football, but I do know that He honors those that honor Him. Maybe that will work in our favor this Thursday. If you don't hear from me for a couple of days after the game, you'll know I'm in mourning. Mallory's already getting ready for it too. Isn't she precious? I'm hoping the game will be a bright spot in this dreary, rainy week! Go Gators!


Charlotte Collier said...

I love the haircut, Aubrey! Will wanted to cut his hair not too long ago and I hid the sissors!

Kim said...

Are you having one of those crazy, walking around in a fog kinda weeks? And it's only Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Thankfully my boy hasn't taken the scissors to his hair. He screams whenever he gets a haircut so I am hoping he wont do it himself. LOL.

Good thing about boys though, if they mess up their hair they can always get a buzz and it doesn't look that bad because they are boys.

GOOOOOO GATORS!!! I am praying that they do well and win the National Championship! Tebow is a wonderful Christian man. I hope that I get to meet him this next football season. I am driving down for a game for the 2009-2010 season. WOOT!

Garretts said...

I love how proud Aubrey is in this photo. Good luck to your Gators...I always root for the SEC (except for maybe UT)!

Anonymous said...

Hi from a 2Peas pal --- couldn't agree with you more about Tim Tebow and our Gators. Looking forward to tomorrow night!! :)

Cute kids you have there :)

Lisa (aka FLA SummerBaby)

happydays525 said...

That is too funny about the hair! You're going to have to do a LO on that for sure! =)