Sunday, October 12, 2008


We are so blessed. All of us. Sometimes it's easier to see God's blessings than others. I am doing the Beth Moore Bible Study, Stepping Up right now. One of the things she talks about is how we need to look up and not down. When we look up we see God and receive the blessings He has for us. It has been a good reminder for me. I need to remember to look up at God and not at my circumstances. To illustrate, our leader threw pennies on the floor and taped dollars to the ceiling. It was interesting to see who noticed what. Great illustration that the little stuff is down and the big blessings are up. Anyway, this has been a week of looking at my blessings for me. I had a great time with my Bible Study group. I am leading a discussion group, and all of the ladies were so great about sharing and being open. They were such an encouragement to me. Then I had my MOPS meeting and we had a great time. I love all the MOPS moms. We have such a sweet group of moms. I am so blessed to be a part of the organization.

This weekend we just had fun family time. Friday night D. and I went to the local corn maze with our Sunday School class. It was just for adults and you have to use flashlights b/c it is dark out there in the corn. It was fun "grown-up" time. Saturday we just had a lazy day at home being together. My favorite kind of day, scrapping and watching football. Fortunately the Gators and the Jackets both won, so that made it even better. Today we had a great time. After church we all took a little nap then we headed over to the local farm where we went to the corn maze. Aubrey has been wanting to ride a pony for a long time. He wanted to at the Big Red Apple Festival and they didn't have any! So, we told him we would find somewhere to ride one. We got out there and the weather was perfect. Aubrey had a blast riding the pony. When the lady came over to check on him he said, "I can do this all by myself!" He didn't want anyone to walk with him. I was a little worried, but he did great. He smiled the whole time. It was so cute. Then he and D. played with the apple slingshots, and Aubrey went down the culvert pipe slide. We all went on the hay ride and picked apples before we left. Just a fun day being together. Days like this are so perfect.

Our children are growing up. Aubrey came out of pre-school on Friday and told me, "I have a new girlfriend!" (We never knew he had an old one.) Anyway, all weekend we have heard about this girlfriend. He even told the babysitter on Friday night that they "were going to be together forever". I mean really, I knew someday this would start, but at 4? It's just more than a mom's heart can handle sometimes! Mallory has started cruising this weekend, so that is one more blessing. We are going to physical therapy tomorrow because the dr. was concerned that she isn't walking yet, but I think she is going to be fine. I think she is just taking her time. Please pray that is the case. I'll update later this week on that.

Have a great week and remember to look up! I'm leaving you with a picture I took from our house the other night. Georgia sunsets are beautiful!


Jill said...

Lovely pictures! I love that one of the two sweet!

binders said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! I've been meaning to take my kids to the local corn maze every year. This year we really need to do it. Thanks for the inspiration. I also enjoyed the spiritual message. Thanks for sharing.

Garretts said...

love the post...the beautiful mountain sunsets remind me of God's blessings too! loved hearing about your fun family weekend!